A Bit Secure Editor

What is abseep?

A Bit Secure Editor Eclipse Plugin is a simple text editor wich reads and saves text files encrypted with AES/Rijndael algorithm and 128-bit key length

It should be secure enough to store private data like passwords or similar sensible data. It IS possible that part of your data remain in plain text in swap files or similar places for some time, so don't trust too much this software if you use it in an unsecure system

Being written in java, abseep lets you edit your files in different operative systems, so you can use encrypted files also in multi-boot environments or between machines with different operative systems

How do I use it?

Abseep can be run as a standalone application or as an Eclipse plugin

Abseep will ask you for a key each time you open your secret files, if you forget it your data is lost, so be careful...


Download the standalone version for your favorite OS:

Download abseep as an Eclipse Plugin form the update site:


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